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Unlike granite and natural stone, RockStone Solid Surfaces are made of High Performance Acrylic Polyester Resin. RockStone is homogeneous, with evenly distributed particles running throughout the thickness of the sheet, ensuring that the original color and texture remains consistent regardless of wear. Unlike natural stone, damaged sections are repairable.

Since their color goes all the way through, unlike laminates, minor scratches can usually just be rubbed out. If the scratches are too deep, a matching filler material is available that makes nearly invisible repairs.

How to get quote for your Kitchen or Bathroom Counters

If you'd like a quote for your countertop just call/fax 726.9694 or e-mail us your dimensions. 


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We need to know your lengths, widths, edge desired, installation city what size backsplash you'd like (if desired), type of sink, type of stove and any special requests you may have.  Please give us your name and contact number, e-mail and complete address in case we have any questions.

We invest heavily in technology to ensure your finished product is perfect. Our state-of-the-art digital cutting system eliminates mistakes and accelerates the templating process to reduce the time between initial template creation and installation of your project.

TWOsmartguyz is one of the only solid surface fabrication companies in the Philippines using modern CNC router machines technology.

Our fabricators and installers are employed by TWOsmartguyz, your project is never subcontracted. Our fabrication team also performs hand finishing when necessary for unique edge treatments or difficult areas. Our fabricators and installers are second to none.

Click here for our Electronic Brochure with all of our products and available designs:

While it is possible to damage the surface, there is almost no damage that might be considered to be permanent, since the surface can be sanded and refinished.